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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 24, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. that and other diett -
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old cour tmap 3 libyans have officially decllred theer independence... and are starting the process of estabbishing a new this historic moment means everythhng to those who have left libya ovee he years,
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because of moammar qadaffi.. and for one maryland man, who's been on the front lines... .it means he is finally coming home. latest on how soon matthew vandyke couud be back in maryland. good morning livinggabroad say they are country to e part of the governmenn there. ann for one maryland pournalist, it means hh could be coming home now, after months in prison in libyaa and on the front lines. joel d..smith is here with more on libya, and maathew vandyke. good morning joel d. 3 3 pptriie, we've been following this for months... vandyye as by forces loyal to ponths in prison, and then was released in august. his family says he then stayed there anyway to fight on the front lines. now, after thh rebel victory, they say he is coming back. back. matthew vandykee went to libya to visit friends and got caught up in the rebbl fighting.... thee jailed. when he was finally freed in auuust, ttough, he did not come home ... heestayed, the reeels in their quest for freedom. matthew's pother says he is exppcted phme next month. at thee libyans are goiig back to thhir homeeand... to see for themselves what reedom looks like in libya. fawzi el-fakih / libyan
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living abroadel-fakih says, "the terrorist is gone, tte regime is gone, now we have to look for a new future. i just came here to see and make suue that he is finished and every piecc f my body knows that he is gone, finished, gone, finished now." now." the national transitional counccl chair says, libyanssneeddto show "patience, honesty and tolerance" as libya begins the process of stablishing a new constitutiin and government. certainly, patience is something the family of matthew vandyke can identify with. but once agaii, they are very hopeful, he'll be home in just a few weeks.. joel d. smith, fox 45 morniig news. jurr selection begins today in selection begins todayyin the trial of the woman aacused of murdering her coworker in an upscale yoga clothing hop. brittany noowwod is accused f killing jayna murray inside back in march. shop - prosecutors intend to seek a punishment of life withoutt parole if norwood is convicted 3 a germantown football team hit the field this weekend without one of it's players. 11-year old williim mcquain was found murdereddlaat wwek. week. 10 natz play 4
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14 on saturday his teaamates played with heavy hearts .. paying tribute to their ffiend. the team wore stickers on their hlmets, with a photo of william ... his number, and the phrase, wwe heart you. pollce found willam's body in &pthe woods n clarkville last &pweek after finding his mother beaten nd stabbed to death in her germantownnbedroom.. &pis charged with her deathh after tte game, all of the teams, oaches and parents gathered around for a william ann his mother jane. 3 our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name name coaches and parenns say thhs together for support. many of the yyung &pchildren have been avingga hard time unddrstanding why their friend is gone. we all one big community out here, we go at it on the field, but off the field it's one love you know? my youngest son which is justin, he's just been reallyy quiet not understanding,
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questions curtis lopez isscharged with the mother'ssdeath..e has not been charged with william's ddaah....but nvestigators say.....lopez is the prime suspect. thousands hit the pavement... racing for a cure. cure."cheering" runners, walkers, and survivors strapped on thhir tennis 19th annual susan g. komen many turned out in hunt valley sunday for the annual 5- k aiming.. to raise monny and awarnnss to help fight the deadly cancer.survivors say it's events like this one that the fight against breast win - cancer. 3 "i think the biggest thing you have to do is tell all your family and friends...have faith and have a sense of humor" humor"governor martin o'malley and mayor stephanie rawlings blake were this year's honorary chairs of this years
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event. nearly 40-thousand women die of brrast cancer deadliest cancer. a marine captain honors fallen soldiers... one step at pn joppa yesterday during his 236-mile trek.he's traveliig from philadelphia to marine corps 233th birthday killed in combat.he dedicates marine. "" lot were fellow runners we would o rrns on base and whenever i get out and pounding the pavement and you see a steep hill or something pike that its like oh gosh but then its like you know what they did much tougher thingss than me i still havv the privilege of bienn able to go ouu and run." run.""equenne is expecttd to finiss his run next sunday. friends, famiiy and povee ones... gathered to cclebrate the life of civil rights leader, fred shuttlessorth. mourners ggthered at bethel bapttss church in bbrmingham, alabama,
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sunday... for the memorial service. the uneral was the irst of manyyevents open to tte ublic over the weekend. alabama the fiery leader who workkd pith martin luther ing junnor. family members remember the mannas courageous and faithful to issmission of bringing equality to the human racc. conyers says: "he was unstoppable...his devotion to the struggle was really matthless. in some wayss it was, he was the incredible force and there were a lot of talented and brave people around (covvred in video) martiin but there was only one shuttlesworth around martin." martin." shuttleswooth died october 55h at the agg of a new hamshhre wommn who fell ill... and had to eeevacuaaed from the sooth pole... willlbe treated at johnn hopkins. enggneer renee-nicole douceuu was evaccated two months after she began experrencing vision... anguage... and memory problems while doing
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research at the south pole. doctors believe she may have had a stroke.dee-suhr is expected to arrive ii baltimore toinght. toinght. in connecttcut ... a billboard &phas a new take on a pppular slogan...and it's stirring up on the popular "got milk" st &pcampaign. a law firm .. responssble for the ad was hoping to send a message ... u-iis. but there have --- been mixed opinions among those who lve there... some say the billboard isn't that bad, while others are ddmanding it bb taken down. lee says: "i think t's marketed towards adults aad if kids llke it and want to make a joke there's nothing we can do to stop that"lee says: ""there's a bbg sign before it the sameeway but all they're doing is selling stone so i don't think there's anyyhing wrong with it." raised eeough coocerns that the billboard is going to be taken down as soonnas posssble. we're learning more toddy...
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about the pilot of a plane that crashed near buffalo... concerns about capttin marvin 8-q-400... in the weeks leading up to the crash.the e-mails show enslow was initially excluddd from a liit of pilots ready to learn how renslow later passed another proficiency check... and successsully completed the training programm the pain at the pump is coming back... after weeks of pricessd. to early october... before a &psurvey finds the avvrage prri por a gallon of regulaa... is and a dramatic iicrease in the cost of ethanol is to blame. the first biography f apple co-founder steve jobs... hits shelles today.the 656-page bbok... titled "sseve jobs"... is based on more than 40 inteeviews with him over the years... as well as onvvrsations with family,
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friends, colleaguess and competitors.publisher simon and schuster says jobs cooperated with the book... but never had tte chance to read ittbefore he passed away cate edwards... the daughter of former presidential candidatt john edwards... is waking up a married woman.the 29-yearrold weekend... t a ceremony in north carrlina.upham proposed to edwards just two weeks before her mother... elizabeth edwards... died of breast coming up n the earlyy polyndra?"taxpayers are funding theseeenterprises the companies the government is lending billions of dollars to... and if it's paying oof for the ameriicn 3 3 libyans declared their independence... and are &pstarting the process of establishing aanew thiss historic moment meens everythiig to leff libya over thh moammar qadaffi.maryland man, whoos been on he frontt lines... .it mmans he is finally joel d. smith
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3 3 3 coming up....the goverment has &psunk illions of dollars into it... but is it payinggoff? off?. this is a growing global market. 3the two companies getting loans from the federal government... in order tt jump staat the economy.. andd hy this has many lawmakers skkptic. skepttcal.and later in
5:48 am's their only monday night game oo the year.. find out what the ravens are doing to preppre for tonight. ((bump out)) ((breakk22) 3
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3 two leetric car companiee are causing some controversy on capitol hill.they were given a bbllion dollars in loons, but like many startups, they aaen't making any money.lisa sylvester shows us why omm
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are afrrid they could end up being another bust for taxpayer. taxpayers. p-reporttr pkg-as follows -- beautiful - sleek, sexy and energy efficient, the karma by &pfiskerrauttmotive isn't cheaa though with a 99-thousandd dollars.the obaaa administration gave fisker dollar - taxpayer funddd loan to help the startuu company. another eleetric vehicle akerr tesla received a similar 465 miilion ddllar loan. the idea is to create jobs.with tesla revamping an abbndonnd gm plant in cclifornia... and fisker planning to assemble its new nina electric vehicll in delawaree employing potentially 25-hundreddworkers. "it's important to the americaa people. this is a growing global market. electric vehicles areethe future. the only question 3
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,3&pand stay tuned to fox45 morning news... 3
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we have a very special guest hoor... mayor steppanii rawlings-blake is joining me on theeanccor desk and you won't want toomiss thhs!that's coming up at 8-30. 8-30.but first... the ravens are preparing for tonight's game in jackonville!how they're getting reedyyto face off against the jaguars... next in spoots. ((break 3)) 3 3
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plus find out next now. travelinn to libya why ss many are finddout next, plus &p 3 crissy from middle river sent this n to oor photogallery.
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phe saas her family and a group of friends get together eveey sunday... to have a good meal... and cheer on the ravees. and joe joe s sooo excittd about his avens geer.can't you teel by his expression? hh's fully equipped with his hat, jersey, bookbag, and lunchbag. no matter where you're from...we're looking forrall of you ravens fans to send us in photos showing off your "purple prrde". go to foxbbltimore dot com and click on the communitt peatures section. coming up...later this news.. on fox45 morning - mayor stephanie rawling blake wwlllbe able to add "aachor"" to her resume.she joins me on the desk this morning...that's coming up in our 8 o clock hour. hour. and libya has deccared its independence... so does that mean a baltimore journalist, fighting on the i'm joel d. smith... find out e praveling to libya now.
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